Execution of brand new systems in traditional operations of producing spirits

The demands in the distillation technological innovation for the marketplace of higher evidence alcohols and scrumptious mood like Whisky, Rum or other folks differs a lot from certain requirements for that natural alcoholic beverages manufacturing. It is vital to suppliers of Brandy and Whiskey to keep up the typical scent and style of their distillate. The common taste is caused by several variables in the alcoholic drinks manufacturing: the natural material blend, with the fermentation procedure and also by the distillation process, never to forget about the year’s very long storage space in wooden barrels.

High-proof alcohol

Application of new technological innovation in standard procedures of making spirits

The installation of technologies suggests how the product high quality stays a similar in every circumstances / all circumstances. The substitute or perhaps the extension of the capacity of current traditional clean stills usually bring about new designs under an economic component. Business economics are frequently attainable – aside from energetically optimisation – in the reducing from the item loss.

GEA layout and deliver total facial lines for the production of individuals alcoholic beverages plants and flowers.

With this referrals from the ingesting and strength liquor marketplace we can easily demonstrate exceptional practical experience utilizing raw materials from various starting point. As great capacities are appropriate the importance of economical procedures is stressed. Our heating included functions utilize innovative concepts like mechanical vapor recompression, multi phase distillation and water loss, warmth designed mashing systems and so forth.

All employed ideas value the potential of express-of-the-art work technologies with out overstressing, as being a secure operating approach is among our main focusses.

We dominate the responsibility to the process mass- as well as harmony through the milling towards the closing goods, e.g. alcohol in accordance with specification or DDGS (Dehydrated Distillers Cereals with soluble) as animal food.

The put in residues that outcome as by-goods from fermentation functions from alcohol production are typically called expended clean, vinasse or stillage. Through the fermentation of grain mash and following distillation, about 100 l of stillage are made for each 100 l of mash. These slender liquor stillages have every one of the vitamins and minerals of your raw supplies except for their fermented starch and sugars: i.e. they have necessary protein, excess fat, fiber content, vitamins and many others. in increased concentrations than had been found in the original uncooked substance. These liquors can consequently be processed into extra-benefit animal feeds by focus and, if necessary, drying and crystallization and precipitation of certain seals (e.g. potassium, salt).

GEA layout allows our customers to minimize the Greenhouse Gasoline Emissions / CO2 footprint and also to make additional value added by-goods.

This technologies works extremely well to make mood like raki or metaxa or rakomelo